Don’t sell your living space short; it should be a space that reflects all of the most interesting parts of you! 

Have you felt that your living space was lacking a certain sense of comfort or personalization?  Interior design can seem daunting when trying to figure out where to begin. If you have struggled to create a theme or design, or simply want your space to look more interesting, artwork can add great value to your home.

Arts Adds to Existing Decor

Adding artwork to a home can accent aspects of your current interior design such as furniture, rugs, wall colors, etc. If you’ve ever painted a room, selected furniture, and then stood back to look it over and just felt like there was something missing, a really well-fitting piece of art may have been just what you needed to complete the room. 

Maybe your furniture and wall colors are sort of drab and a colorful piece of art would really pop in the room and give the room some character. Or maybe your room is overwhelmed with color and what you need is a simple, neutral piece that provides a sense of calm within the chaos. Finding the right type of artwork that complements your space can help you complete your interior design.

Art Provides a Focal Point for Other Decor

Interior design can be really daunting, especially when starting with a completely new space. Finding a piece of artwork that you really like can provide you with a focal point to design off of and help you with creating a theme. Visualizing this art in your space can help you visualize what other colors and types of accents you would like to add to your space to complement the art. 

Once you have chosen a theme for your space, you will have an easier time looking for other items to fill it with. If you start with a very large and colorful piece of art in your bedroom, you may want to select curtains and a bedspread that are a bit more on the neutral side. More neutral artwork, however, can inspire you to add vibrant color in other areas of the space. Having this focal point to design around can help make your entire space look and feel more cohesive.

Art Adds Emotion

Adding artwork to a home is a great method of expressing oneself and creating a certain type of feeling within the space. Art is created to evoke emotion through its color and theme. When selecting artwork for your space, you get to decide what type of emotion you want your space to evoke. 

Very bright and colorful, busy pieces of art can really liven up a room, creating the perfect party atmosphere. Neutral or more peaceful-looking artwork can transform a bedroom into a space of relaxation and meditation. 

Color has a direct impact on mood, which is why artwork can really add to the overall feeling of a space.

Art is a Conversation Starter 

To put this plainly: artwork can make your space look more interesting! Maybe you want to host a gathering with artsy people and some fancy cocktails. Classy artwork on your walls can not only set the mood for this type of occasion, but it can be a great conversation starter. 

Discussing things that matter is a great way to connect and learn about others, and personalizing your space with art can help others get to know you. Don’t sell your living space short; it should be a space that reflects all of the most interesting parts of you! Adding artwork to a home can encourage you to hone in on all of your passions and interests.

Art Makes Your House a Home

Let’s face it, a house with bare walls does not have much of a homey feel. Bare walls can induce feelings of loneliness, isolation, and plain gloominess. In your home, you want to be surrounded by the things you love. You want to be surrounded by comfort. Adding artwork to your home will add some color, which has a direct impact on mood. 

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things created with emotion can help you feel less alone in your space, and more connected to the world outside it. Art is something to look at when you feel down, when you feel happy, and when you need some inspiration. 

Artwork can add great value to a home. It can provide you with a focal point to help you design off of, it can add a touch of color and personalization to your space, and it can make your house feel more like a home. Visit our site for a free design consultation to begin personalizing your space.