Don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun! When decorating with art, you don’t have to follow any specific rules.

Looking for some unique ways to display artwork around your home? Think outside of the box! Artwork can be displayed in more places than just the common areas, which are the living room: above the couch, bedroom: above the bed, entry-way, etc. You can also experiment with the placement of multiple pieces together, different sizes and colors, and some funky frames to have fun with. Here are five unique ways to display artwork in your home:

Think Outside of the Common Areas

Add some art to the kitchen! What color scheme is in your kitchen? Maybe you want to add some traditional red, blue, black and white artwork? Smaller pieces can add pops of color and class to your kitchen walls or shelves. 

Add art to the bathroom! Maybe you have an empty wall above your bathtub, toilet, or towel rack? Subtle oceany blues and greens are great colors for a bathroom. Purples and pinks can also really add that pop of color and luxurious feel to the space.

Have a long hallway or corridor? Hang some art pieces, centered down the wall, one side or both! You can even get creative and create patterns or a collage with smaller pieces. Create a theme or color scheme, or go with vibrancy and incorporate various colors. 

Hang some artwork in the stairwell! Some stairwells have really high ceilings, which are perfect for very large art pieces. Generally speaking, there isn’t too much going on in the stairwell, so busy, colorful, and very prominent pieces can create a great focal point and add some character to the space, without clashing with anything else.

Utilize Shelving

Your artwork doesn’t only have to be placed on the walls! Utilize any cool bookshelves or other shelving you may have to display more than just your books and knickknacks! 

Small pieces of artwork can fit nicely inside stacked shelves, or find a cute single shelf to hang up that can hold small or larger pieces for a unique style.

Stand a large piece of artwork on top of your fireplace mantle as a nice focal point to your living room or den, or spread out some smaller pieces across it as accents. You can even hang artwork above a shelf, using the shelf to frame your art. Have fun with this!

Create a Collage

You can arrange small or medium pieces of artwork across or up a wall to create a collage! You can even use the shape of the space to frame your artwork around. For example, you can frame your collage around a doorway, fireplace, or any opening in the wall. 

Create a theme! Perhaps you are going for a floral theme on a white background. Find multiple small floral pieces with complementing colors and arrange them together on the same wall. 

Lots of colors already in the room? A collage of black and white pieces creates a super classy, artsy look. Group artwork together to create a unique design.


Mix-and-match your artwork! Don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun! When decorating with art, you don’t have to follow any specific rules.

Create a collage with large, small, and medium sizes for some variety, and even mix up the colors a little bit. You can work off of a central theme and mix-and-match from there, or you can use complementing colors as the theme to go off of.

Your artwork doesn’t have to follow the same exact theme or color scheme throughout your whole space. You want some variety to look at! Contrasting decor always makes for an interesting look and creates a comforting, cool vibe.

Funky Framing

Have fun with frames! When we think about decorating with artwork, we often overlook something super important: how we are going to frame our art! How you frame your art is essential to the effect it will have on the space!

Go classy and elegant with simple black frames. Decide whether you want the frame hugging your artwork or you want to utilize some negative space in between the frame and your photo, depending on what type of look you are trying to achieve. 

Hanging up black and white art? Add pops of color with different colored frames. You can utilize this tip when creating a collage of artwork as well by picking out a few contrasting colored frames for a super cool look.

Frame choices are endless, from thick, colored frames, to sleek, skinny silver, gold, and black frames. Keep your options open and decide what works for you in your space.

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