About Us

We’re a dedicated group of business professionals, interior designers, retail experts, and art lovers. Most likely, we’re also your neighbors!

We're Changing the Way People Live with Art.

We decorate our homes with amazing furniture and make them cozy with blankets, pillows, and other personal items, but our walls are often left bare and undressed. Choosing artwork is often daunting and requires a commitment maybe you aren’t ready to make. We get it!

With Get the Gallery you can choose from original art pieces and easily hang them on any wall in your home; rotating them as often as you like. It could be that statement piece your friends gather around at your next dinner party, or the one you stare at as you drift off to sleep. Your artwork will be original and not the last-minute grab at a big box retail chain. You don’t have to worry about commitment issues as you get to choose according to what you’re loving in the moment.

The Founder's Story

When Joe – one of our Founders – was growing up, his parents were members of a local art museum that offered an amazing perk. The museum charged a fee which allowed individuals and families to take artwork home for a period of time. Because of this, he was able to appreciate original artwork on frequent rotation throughout his childhood home. This was obviously a memorable experience for him…

…flash forward to 1999, staring at the bare walls of his adult home made him start wondering how he could make borrowing art a possibility, much the same way his parents did. His ideas for the possibility were put on hold for several decades as he waited for the technology to make it possible to deliver on such a promise at a large scale. Voila…it’s 2019 and Get the Gallery is ready to roll!