Go to the Mountain

Artist: Jen Jovan
Date: 2020
Medium: Charcoal and acrylic on unprimed wood panel

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Status: Available

A Diptych – From the collection “A View From the Gorge”. Art inspired by the Columbia Valley River Gorge.

It is easier to let go of self-preoccupation when you stand at the summit of a mountain looking down. You can become the mountain…for a moment, you are strong, silent, ancient, unmoving and solid. When I need to get outside of myself, I go to the pine, to the oak, to the wind and to the mountain.

Go to the pine if you want to learn about the pine, or to the bamboo if you want to learn about the bamboo. And in doing so, you must let go of your preoccupation with yourself. Otherwise you impose yourself on the object and don’t learn.

Basho, Japanese poet, 1600’s


Size: Medium
Length (inches): 22
Width (inches): 1.5
Height (inches): 14
Retail Price (USD): 400