Golden Grove

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Date: 2018
Medium: Resin, Alcohol ink and acrylics

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“Golden Grove” is a modern abstract take on our hike up to Rainbow Lake in Colorado. It was so beautiful! This piece is done in resin, inks, alcohol and other mediums and it is done in a way where even though it is resin, there is so much texture. I painted this in layers so you can really see the trees in the background. It is a 48 h x 19 w and it is .75″ deep on MDF ready to hang and you don’t have to frame it! It would look beautiful next to its sister painting, and I have included another picture of that one and it is called The Autumn Hike. The colors are in yellow, grays, and golden fall tones.


Size: Medium
Length (inches): 19
Width (inches): .75
Height (inches): 48
Retail Price (USD): 675