Harvest Moon

Artist: Jen Jovan
Date: 2020
Medium: Acrylic on plywood

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From the collection “A View From the Gorge”. Art inspired by the Columbia Valley River Gorge.

Light in the forest teases and taunts. Sun-breaks in the clouds illuminate moss-covered trees by day. Moonlight plays tricks on leafy branches and trunks by night. The bigger the moon, the broader the mischief.

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin’
We could dream this night away

But there’s a full moon risin’
Let’s go dancin’ in the light
We know where the music’s playin’
Let’s go out and feel the night

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon

from “Harvest Moon” – Neil Young


Size: Large
Length (inches): 24
Width (inches): .75
Height (inches): 48
Retail Price (USD): 2500.00