“Piling Up”

Artist: Preston M. Smith
Date: 2018
Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

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Status: Available

This is a gallery quality PMS abstract oil painting for your home or office. It was painted with the highest quality materials and will make a statement in your space. It is part of a new series of pieces on canvas. This piece was painted with my own personal mantra in mind: Beauty, Color and Texture. As I was painting this piece, structures began to evolve and appear as colors jump out at you, while others fade into the background with a nice juxtaposition of smoothness and texture. The streaking colors have almost a comic book style quality to them and the unique surface texture makes the colors pop even more out at the viewer. It is an energetically exciting piece that has structure, depth, and joy. The colors are deep and rich, and there is an architectural quality to the structure of the piece. It is a warm and truly unique geometrical abstract painting like no other that will enhance your space.

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Size: Medium
Length (inches): 30
Width (inches): 1.5
Height (inches): 24
Retail Price (USD): 900