Artist: Jen Jovan
Date: 2020
Medium: Acrylic on cradled wood panel

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Status: Available

A Diptych – From the collection “A View From the Gorge”. Art inspired by the Columbia Valley River Gorge.

Nearly annual wildfires raging through the gorge leave burn scars on the trees, which become a beautiful testament to the tenacity and strength of these silent sentinels in the fall. The leafy canopy gone, what appear to be the bare bones and skeletons of scorched trees remind us of the resilience and robustness of life.

“Robustness and vulnerability belong together. To be robust is to show a willingness to take collateral damage, to put up with temporary pain, noise, chaos or our systems being temporarily undone…Robustness is not an option in most human lives, to choose its opposite is to become invisible.”

from “Robustness” – David Whyte, Consolations


Size: Small
Length (inches): 24
Width (inches): .75
Height (inches): 12
Retail Price (USD): 400