“Save Us”

Artist: Preston M. Smith
Date: 2017
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Status: Available

This piece is a completely unique and original abstract acrylic painting on canvas. It is an exercise in fluid painting. This piece is stunning in its fluorescent and vibrant color and movement, it literally jumps off of the canvas with its ferocious energy. It has a wonderful mixture of soft and hard lines and color that make it dynamic to look at. It is beautiful in its fluorescent pink, green, orange, yellow and deeper blue. This piece looks like the of the emergence of a superhero with all of the flare and intense comic book like color and energy. Look closely and you can discover a face in the descending colors. It is the 61st in my new series of abstract acrylic works.

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Size: Medium
Length (inches): 16
Width (inches): 1
Height (inches): 20
Retail Price (USD): 240.00