See The Light

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Date: 2016
Medium: acrylic, sand, glaze on canvas

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“See The Light” is a 24 x 30 inch canvas.5 inch wide. The sides are painted to match the sand textured stones wrapping around the edges and it is ready to hang. This painting was inspired by an amazing photographer, Giulio Bernardi from Italy, who so kindly allowed me to use his photo for inspiration of this subject matter. This is a church window at Church of St. Trophime located in Arles, France. Light is one of the most beautiful pieces of real word natural art and beauty. It can change the colors of a room or a face and wash a sense of emotion over you. This room is covered in shades and light from the yellow tinted stained glass window, as if heaven’s light was shining in.


Size: Medium
Length (inches): 24
Width (inches): .5
Height (inches): 30
Retail Price (USD): 300