“Ships In The Storm”

Artist: Preston M. Smith
Date: 2017
Medium: Oil on Canvas

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Status: Available

This is a completely unique and original abstract oil painting on canvas. This painting epitomizes a technique and aesthetic I have been working to perfect over the years. The colors are vibrant and alive and the texture is highly tactile and almost edible. This piece is an exercise in soft and textured painting techniques that I have been developing. There are shapes of what looks like to be masts and sails chopping at each other in some intense type of storm and a fading into the background, juxtaposed with thick violent texture on the surface that jumps out at the viewer. Shapes and shards of color slice and move all over the painting and lead the eye around the canvas. This piece is truly alive and energetic and is vibrant and interesting to look at from any angle. It is a PMS original oil painting like no other.

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Size: Medium
Length (inches): 24
Width (inches): 1.5
Height (inches): 24
Retail Price (USD): 450.00