The Abyss

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Date: 2019
Medium: resin on wood

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Status: Available

“The Abyss”
This painting is a conversation piece and gives a sense of mystery with the multiple layers showing through and deep color combo. It resembles purple marble almost, or a geode or agate. The colors are a deep purple or eggplant, navy with swirls of white and hidden turquoise peeking out from beneath. This painting has multiple layers of resin that dried between each, so you can see into The Abyss literally through the various layers. It is intriguing and mysterious. It was created on a custom made birch-wood cradled wood canvas with the sides painted to match.
36H x 36W x 2D ready to hang on your wall as soon as you open it. This resin abstract was done utilizing a blow torch, heat guns, and much more. It is signed by Kelly Gowan on the front with a unique inset signature feather of Kelly’s.

#kellygowan #theabyss #navy #purple #eggplant #resin #glossy #modern #geode #agate #marble


Size: Medium
Length (inches): 36
Width (inches): 2
Height (inches): 36
Retail Price (USD): 750