“The Gatekeeper”

Artist: Preston M. Smith
Date: 2017
Medium: Oil on Wood Panel, Framed

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This painting is truly unique in that it is a perfect amalgamation of my Pop Surrealist figurative style AND my colorful, textured abstract work. It is sexy and fun, but hints and deeper meanings below the surface. The background is like one of my seminal pieces “Wonderwall” with this sexy figure standing in front, almost like a gatekeeper. But a gatekeeper to what exactly? Sex? The Sublime? Perhaps something sinister? I will leave that up to the interpretation of the collector/viewer. The colors, texture and figure in this piece really POP and it is fun to look at from close up, afar, and from any angle. Each color was chosen organically in the moment of creation and fed off of the last and enhanced the next. This painting shines and shimmers in the light and is stunning in a clean black, or white frame, enhancing any wall that or color schemed room it is hung on.

Note: This painting is painted on wood and comes in a clean, elegant black frame.© 2017 PMS Artwork. All rights reserved.


Size: Medium
Length (inches): 38
Width (inches): 1
Height (inches): 26
Retail Price (USD): 1200.00