The Nautilus

Artist: Kelly Gowan
Date: 2018
Medium: Mixed Media Acrylics and Gloss

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“The Nautilus” is a 36 x 36 painting done on canvas with 2″ sides and comes ready to hang, no need to frame. The background is a mix of darker colors of black, a hint of navy and a teal to show the dark ocean waters. The Nautilus itself is done in a medium which dries shiny. It is not resin. It is a labor of love because it takes longer to paint piece by piece, but I am in love with the ocean and the beauty it holds. The color combo’s of the cream and caramel in the Nautilus are really pretty against the background. You can view a video of it at https://youtu.be/6axUazh74-4.


Size: Medium
Length (inches): 36
Width (inches): 2
Height (inches): 36
Retail Price (USD): 1200