Carlos Zapata (Colorado Artist)

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About the Artist

Carlos Zapata is a local artist who grew up in Denver, Colorado on Capital Hill. He attended several art schools in Denver, but found his love of street art and comic books were his biggest inspiration for developing his style. In his teens, Carlos enjoyed going to old bookstores and specialty shops looking for ideas. Although Carlos has an admiration for the great masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, his favorites are artists such as Jim Lee, Frank Frazetta, and Vaughn Bode. For the last four years, Carlos has been producing digital artwork in an effort to expand and refine his talents as an artist. This is in addition to his traditional pieces using pencil, ink, and paper. Carlos’ love for pop culture and his childhood memories of watching 80’s cartoons have also been a driving force for his art. In 2016, Carlos fulfilled a life long dream of becoming a Star Wars Stormtrooper and joined The 501st Legion. So when he is not drawing, he can be found “trooping” for a good cause.