Edward Kosinski (Colorado Artist)

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About the Artist

Denver Colorado artist Edward Kosinski focuses on representational and abstract acrylic paintings, inspired by nature and spiritual connection.

“Our region is an arid place and water is very precious. It is a sacred medium that sustains our lives. I mix it with my colors, and craft a visual journal of the physical and metaphysical experience.”

Edward studied fine art at Metropolitan State University as well as classical realism drawing and painting at ateliers in Boulder, CO and Boston, MA.

His work has been exhibited at: The Salmagundi Club in NYC, West Valley Art Museum in Phoenix, John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, WI, and closer to home: the Denver Art Museum, Curtis Arts & Humanities Center, Foothills Art Center, Durango Art Center, Emanuel Gallery Denver, University of Denver, and Best of The Arts District on Santa Fe. He’s featured in the NorthLight book: AcrylicWorks3 – Celebrating Texture, and in collections as far away as France and Sweden.

“Painting for me is an intuitive, almost collaborative effort. It is like having a conversation that begins even before the first marks are put on the canvas. I ‘listen’ for subtle cues that inform all throughout the process. And at journey’s end, I feel I have co-created something, which at times, was quite unforeseen at the outset.”

I am grateful to be able to share this work with you.