Jill D. Lefkowitz

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About the Artist

South Florida Artist and Make-up Artist, Jill was born in Queens, New York, and studied painting at NYU. 
While studying at NYU, Jill worked as a make-up artist on music videos and films. Jill felt “painting faces” on actors and musicians was a natural extension as an artist.  She continues to work on major motion pictures and television series. But, her primary passion, painting, has come to the forefront. 

Her two-dimensional canvases reflect cultural influences from all over the world. Jill’s paintings emerge as sculptural illusions, showcasing abundant color surrounded by black outlines. 

Her sculptural illusion inspired Jill’s work on three-dimensional surfaces, starting with barrels. She continues her growth by painting her unique visions on shoes, guitars, vases and more, while still painting on canvas. 

Jill exhibits her work in galleries and museums across Florida.