Big artwork is more popular than ever.  With current world events, social gathering practices have changed.  You may be wondering how this impacts art?  People are no longer able to attend large scale in person events in galleries or at popular art shows of the past.  Viewing artwork from afar has become the latest trend in the art world experience.

Large artworks also make a big impact.  People can interact with art, but do not need be super close up or near other people.  Big artwork draws attention.  It invites people to explore and discover in a large-scale format.

Have you explored RiNo in Denver lately?  If you have, you know that murals are everywhere.  You’ll quickly find that this is the spot for selfies, senior pictures, modeling photos, and Instagram content.  Large artworks draw people in and create a way for them to connect and make memories.

Big, interesting artwork can sometimes be more appealing especially in a large indoor space.  Get the Gallery is finding that our clients in corporate settings and multi-family dwellings, prefer a few artworks vs. an abundance of it.  It gives the space a less chaotic feel and more visual appeal.  Adding 3 or 4 over-sized pieces to a large hallway can create more of a gallery feel than a bunch of smaller print artworks.

To view over-sized artworks in our collection, visit our gallery page at www.getthegallery.com, and click on the “oversized” filter.