Since our art subscription service allows you to switch up the artwork in your space as often as once a month, why not try decorating for the holidays with artwork?

Decorating for the holidays seems pretty simple in theory. Hang some lights, throw some decorative pillows on the couch, and put up the tree, right? Have you ever put all of your holiday decor out and then had the thought that your existing everyday decor just doesn’t really fit the holiday theme? Since our art subscription service allows you to switch up the artwork in your space as often as once a month, why not try decorating for the holidays with artwork?

Out With the Old

Decorating for the holidays with artwork can be a great way to add some fresh new color and style to your walls. Take down that “Live, laugh, love” sign that your mother-in-law bought you five years ago. It’s time to replace it with something merry and bright! 

Does that scenic beach photo you have really belong in your living room during the winter? No! Have fun with your space- you can always keep old decor stored away and use it again when you want to redecorate! Or, once the holidays are over, you can swap out your holiday art for something totally new! That is the true benefit of renting art.

Art Won’t Go Out of Style

Let’s face it, every year we look through our holiday decorations from the year before and decide what needs to go in the garbage. We can’t walk through Homegoods during Christmastime without returning home with at least five new ceramic Santas. 

Renting art for the holidays is great because it won’t sit in your attic until it goes out of style. You conveniently select what you like for this holiday season, hang it up for a month or so, and then switch it out whenever you please. This makes decorating totally commitment-free and avoids having to ask yourself, “Will I really use this next year?”

Art is Cost-Effective

Holiday decorations are not cheap. Buying new decorations every year can be very stressful financially, especially with all of the other expenses around the holidays such as gifts, food, travel, etc. With our subscription service, you pay one monthly fee for access to a wide variety of quality artwork. 

If you are already a subscriber to our service, then decorating with artwork for the holidays is a no-brainer! For new subscribers, this service is super cost-effective for decorating year-round. Once the holidays are over, you can swap out your art pieces for something new, and you don’t have to worry about money lost on holiday decor that will go out of style next year!

How You Can Decorate with Artwork

So, how do you use artwork to decorate for the holidays? Get the Gallery offers a wide variety of art styles to choose from. Select the right colors and themes to really set your holiday mood. Search for pieces that evoke feelings of joy, wonder, excitement, and love- all of the emotions felt during the holiday season.

Want to go traditional? Choose pieces that have a wintery theme, as well as some red, green and blue accents. If you are looking for a more modern-winter feel, select more abstract pieces with white, gold, and silver accents. Ultimately, select pieces that complement your existing holiday decor, or use artwork as a focal point to decorate around, to create your unique holiday decor style!

Be Bold, Be Different

Be bold this holiday season! Don’t be afraid to try new things. It is no longer the 1950’s and this is not your grandparents’ house. Traditional decorations are great, but artwork can add a unique, modern style to your existing holiday decor, and really tie it all together.

Plus, some elegant holiday artwork can really set a great backdrop to all of your holiday parties! What better way to kick off the new year and set your cozy winter mood than with some fresh new art on your walls?

It is time to begin decorating for the holidays! Visit our website today, and find out which subscription plan is perfect for all of your art needs.