Artwork makes a great gift because it is personal, unique, and timeless.

Trying to find the perfect holiday gift for a special someone? Buying gifts over the holidays can be super stressful when faced with the overwhelming, endless gift options and trying to decide what to buy who. How do you choose the right gift? Artwork makes a great gift because it is personal, unique, and timeless. Get the Gallery offers access to a variety of art styles and allows you to choose which subscription option would be ideal for you or for that special someone, based on level of experience with art, art needs, and budget, making gifting super easy this holiday season.

Personal and Unique

Art is a very personal gift. You can select a piece of artwork for someone based on what colors and styles they like, their personality type, and their interests; it can be very representative of the person it is intended for. Ever walk through a store and see an item that reminds you of someone you love? Selecting a piece of artwork for somebody is a great way to connect with that person on a deeper, emotional level, and express what you think of that person and how much you care.

Artwork is a gift that is less material and more meaningful. When renting or buying high quality, top-value art, you know that you are getting your money’s worth and that the artwork you are decorating your space with is unique and not cheapened by mass-production. Having access to a variety of artwork through our subscription service can really help your special someone personalize and transform their space.

Sparks Creativity and Passion

Artwork is a gift that can spark passion and creativity when added to a space. Art makes us feel. When introduced to a space, it can really dictate the mood and feeling that the space evokes. Is your loved-one an artist at heart? A beautiful piece of artwork may be just the inspiration they need to unleash their inner-artist. 

Sometimes it is hard to find passion in everyday life. Artwork reminds us that our passion is what drives us. Surrounding ourselves with meaningful, emotional artwork can motivate us to always focus on what is meaningful to us in our lives. Artwork is a passionate, meaningful gift that will really have an impact on your special someone’s everyday life.


Artwork is a really thoughtful gift for someone who has just moved into a new space, someone who is redecorating their space, or somebody who needs to celebrate life and all of its wonderful changes (so, everyone). While so many changes are constantly happening around us, artwork is timeless, and reminds us to embrace change, but to always stay true to ourselves. 

With our art subscription service, your artwork is literally timeless. Anytime you want to swap out a piece for something else, you can do it hassle-free. No need to worry about your art going out of style when there are endless options to choose from, always. This is yet another reason why our subscription service makes a great gift because it allows the person you are buying it for the freedom to choose from so many different art styles and change up their pieces whenever they like.

New World, New Possibilities

Giving the gift of a subscription to an art rental service can open up a whole new world of possibilities to someone who is interested in art, but may not know exactly how to begin exploring their interests. Get the Gallery offers the opportunity to experiment with artwork, commitment-free, at a very reasonable cost.

This holiday season we are offering a few different gift options for your special someone. We offer gift cards which can be used towards the cost of a subscription plan, so you can help someone get started. You also have the option to purchase a subscription plan as a super selfless and exciting gift for somebody else, granting them access to a world of decorating fun and adventure. If you are already a member, you have the option to buy our art pieces at a discounted price, and who doesn’t love a good discount? 

The holidays are near! Visit our website today to find out which gifting option would be ideal for your special someone this holiday season.