“Art subscription services make obtaining art cheaper, more convenient, and more easily accessible, therefore attracting a more diverse group of consumers, and helping the industry to expand and grow.”

Art subscription services are transforming the art-buying industry. With just one monthly payment and various styles to choose from, consumers are given the opportunity to conveniently rent art online, commitment-free. 

Subscription Services Offer Try-Before-You-Buy

Art subscription services make possible the ‘try-before-you-buy’, hassle-free method of obtaining artwork for your home. As the consumer, decorating your home with art is made easier because artwork becomes that much more accessible. 

Selecting the right colors and themes for art in your home can be difficult without being able to actually see it in your home first. It may be hard to visualize artwork in your space when seeing it in a store, or especially at an art gallery where you are experiencing sensory overload. 

Art subscription services allow the consumer to actually see the artwork in their home, before deciding if they want to make the commitment. The best part is, there is actually no commitment needed at all, because the subscription service allows consumers to keep the artwork for as long as they please and then swap it out for something else when they are ready.

Expands the Demographic

This opportunity attracts a demographic who wants to have artwork in their home but may be inexperienced in buying art and therefore hesitant to go into an intimidating art gallery to make a purchase. It also attracts the younger demographic who may want art but without the long-term commitment of owning it, say, a person who is renting an apartment rather than owning a home. 

These services can be useful for businesses who want to display art, but don’t want the expense of buying new art every few years when it goes out of style or becomes old and dingy. Hotels, for example, go through renovations every few years and need to update their artwork. The convenience of renting art may appeal to business owners who may not have purchased art otherwise.

Lowers Cost

Art subscription services are making obtaining art way more affordable. Buying art the traditional way can be very pricey. Art galleries and print companies can charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for one piece of artwork. Many younger, inexperienced consumers looking to decorate their homes can’t afford to make that expensive of an investment.

With renting art, consumers can pay a small fee every month to have valuable artwork in their homes. If they do decide to make the commitment, consumers can buy the artwork, using some of what they’ve already paid as a credit towards the listed price.

This opportunity expands the market to consumers who don’t have the funds necessary to buy really expensive art, but still want to be able to obtain it.

Creates a New Platform for Buying Art

The opportunity to rent art online creates a whole new platform for obtaining artwork. It removes the need for consumers to shop around at exclusive art galleries, where the inexperienced buyer may feel intimidated and may not be taken very seriously. It also provides a cheaper alternative, besides buying more mainstream, mass-produced ‘art’ at department stores like Ikea.

For the inexperienced buyer, it makes art more accessible and allows for people to be able to explore and try some pieces out. Consumers can more easily figure out what they like, don’t like, become familiar with styles, themes, artists, etc. and develop their understanding and knowledge through this experience. 

Helps Artists Gain Exposure

For artists, these rental services provide a completely new platform for selling art and gaining exposure. Artists are paid by subscription services to rent out their art. It is a convenient way to make money while getting their art out in the world. 

Since this platform makes art more accessible, artists are renting their work to a broader demographic which allows for more artistic freedom, and better exposure than just selling their work. One piece of artwork can end up in multiple homes within a shorter period of time. 

Art subscription services make obtaining art cheaper, more convenient, and more easily accessible, therefore attracting a more diverse group of consumers, and helping the industry to expand and grow. Visit our website to find your perfect art today.