Get the Gallery offers a commitment-free and super convenient way to decorate with art, by renting it!

Want to decorate your space with beautiful artwork but don’t want the hassle and commitment of buying art? If you are inexperienced with buying art, unsure of exactly how to obtain high quality art and don’t want to break the bank doing it, or a seasoned art lover looking for an easy way to access really great, new artwork, an art subscription service is exactly what you are looking for. Get the Gallery offers a commitment-free and super convenient way to decorate with art, by renting it! Here is everything you need to know to get started:

The Basics

At Get the Gallery, we offer a subscription service that allows you to rent out artwork. Yes, you read that correctly! You can choose from a wide variety of art styles and sizes and select the pieces that you’d like to rent. When you get bored, need a change, want to redecorate, or want to host an awesome event with some fresh, classy artwork, just swap out your pieces for something else. It’s that simple. All of our artwork is chosen from local artists and it is all original! 

We offer three different subscription plans based on your experience with art, your art needs, and your budget. The artwork is delivered right to your home and ready-to-hang, or we can install it for you with our optional White-Glove service! We deliver anywhere in the US for a flat rate and we offer free delivery in Colorado. Pick-up and delivery is arranged for you, for your utmost convenience. If you fall in love with one of our pieces and decide that you want to keep it, you can buy our artwork at a discounted rate. It really doesn’t get any better than this! 

Pick Your Plan

Our basic plan is the Art Enthusiast plan. For just $17 a month, this plan grants access to a variety of different art styles and sizes. You can select one piece at a time and swap it out for another whenever you feel the need for a change! This plan is perfect for the inexperienced buyer who wants to start experimenting with art, for renters living in a smaller space, and for someone with a lower budget who still wants all of the awesome benefits of renting artwork to decorate their space.

Our most popular plan is the Art Lover plan at $29 a month. You’ll get all of the perks of the most basic plan, plus access to higher-value artwork and an additional piece, meaning you can rent out two pieces of art at a time! This plan also grants access to larger pieces, which may be ideal for someone decorating a larger space, such as a homeowner or business owner with a larger office.

For the art connoisseur, our Art Collector plan, priced at just $49 a month, offers premium-value artwork of all styles and sizes. You can rent three pieces at once, so all of your art-decorating needs are met. Even if you are experienced in buying art and know your go-to styles and choices, don’t be afraid to experiment! Remember, renting art is totally commitment-free; we encourage you to try new things!

Artwork at Your Fingertips

Renting artwork is so easy, you can do it with just a few clicks! You can visit our website and browse our gallery to get an idea of what kind of art you are looking for. You can browse through the different choices that each plan offers to help you decide which one is most ideal for you. Use our search filters for recommendations on art pieces for specific rooms and spaces, browse our most popular pieces to see what is trending in the art world, and read all about our featured artists to feel more connected to the artwork you are selecting. Still afraid of commitment? You can easily cancel at any time.

It’s time to get started! Pick your plan and start selecting your new art pieces today!