Choose the artwork that you love! There are no rules when expressing yourself and decorating your space. Find artwork you love and fill your space with it.

Choosing the right piece of artwork for your space can seem daunting, especially for the inexperienced buyer. There are so many options to choose from, and if you haven’t discovered a style you like the possibilities seem endless. To help both novice and experienced art lovers, here are some easy tips to help choose the right piece of art for your space.


Color is a major factor when choosing the right piece of artwork for your space. Consider what colors you already have in the space such as wall paint, furniture, curtains, and any other accent pieces you may have. Decide on the color scheme you are going for. You may want to match your art to the colors already present, or maybe you want to add some new or complementing color to your space!

Remember that color also has an effect on mood, so think about what mood you intend to create within your space. For a more relaxing or peaceful vibe, neutral colors such as earth tones, subtle blues, and greens are perfect and will contribute to a zen environment. For a more energetic tone, bright and vibrant colors such as reds, pinks, and purples will liven up your space.


Consider the size of your space when selecting art. A small piece of art is not going to complete an entire bare wall. Maybe you want to put up multiple pieces on one wall and form a sort of collage, or maybe you want one large piece to really make a statement. If you are going to put multiple pieces of art on one wall, select pieces that complement each other in color and theme.

Are you looking for a piece to hang in your living room above the sofa? In this case, a general rule is to look for a piece that is no larger than two thirds the size of your sofa. Also consider what shape would work best within the space: rectangular and long, square, or rectangular and tall. This all depends on the type of wall space you are looking to fill.


What theme are you going for? This may seem like a difficult question to answer, but just take a moment to think about it. If your room is already decorated, consider what theme your current furniture, color scheme, and other accents make up, or use them as a focal point to create a theme off of and choose a piece of artwork that defines or complements that theme. 

Is your theme edgy and eccentric, cozy winter cabin, farmhouse hipster? Knowing what style of artwork you are looking for can help you narrow it down.

If you are using artwork as a focal point to decorate off of, choose a piece that you feel would fit the space and then choosing furniture, wall color, and other accents around that piece can be simple because the artwork you selected has already set the theme. 

Type of Space

What type of space are you looking to decorate? This plays a huge factor in the type of art you are looking for. Generally in a bedroom, we would look for art pieces that have more of a soothing and peaceful tone and color scheme. You want colors that complement any bedspreads, pillows, curtains, rugs, and wall paint and make your space feel as cozy as possible.

For the living room, you want the coziness factor as well, however, you can be a bit more daring and edgy with your art pieces, choosing bolder, more abstract colors and styles, and larger pieces if you have space. 

Kitchen and bathroom art should generally be smaller and complement the theme and color scheme within the space, whether it be bold or subtle. These pieces can be edgy, using them to add pops of bold reds and blues, or maybe even black and white to make a statement.

For an office or business setting, you generally want to choose either abstract colorful pieces or more subtle traditional pieces. 

Express Yourself

The bottom line is, choose the artwork that you love! There are no rules when expressing yourself and decorating your space. Find artwork you love and fill your space with it. 

As you become more familiar with art styles, colors and themes, and artists, you will have an easier time choosing the right pieces for your space. You have to start somewhere! Use these tips to help you begin decorating your space today.