Get the Gallery offers an innovative, commitment-free method of obtaining artwork to decorate your home: renting art!

Do you ever find yourself at home, looking at your bare walls and thinking “Wow, I really need to put some artwork up”? Is the very thought of actually purchasing artwork super intimidating and overwhelming? 

The traditional ways of purchasing art have always been either going to a department chain store and buying some mass-produced piece of art, and then later walking into your next-door neighbor’s house to find that they have the same exact piece in their bathroom, or going to an art gallery and spending your entire life savings on a piece you may no longer want to look at in a year or two. 

Let’s face it, we live in a modern world full of endless choices; everyone is suffering from commitment issues. To make decorating with art easier, ditch the idea of cheapened, mass-produced art and avoid the snooty art galleries. Instead, let’s learn about art memberships and how they can save you hours spent on decorating.

What does Get the Gallery Offer?

Get the Gallery offers an innovative, commitment-free method of obtaining artwork to decorate your home: renting art! You can select from a variety of styles and artists, to find the most suitable piece of artwork for your space. The best part is you get to choose when you would like to swap out your piece for another. 

The idea of being able to switch out art pieces was sparked by one of our founder’s childhood memories of always having a variety of artwork around his home, thanks to a local museum that offered an art rental service, similar to what we offer today.

We all crave some variety in our lives, and staring at the same old piece of artwork on your walls can make your life feel way more stagnant and stale. Get the Gallery provides you with the tools to conveniently obtain some variety in your life, and take control of your own space. 

How Do Get the Gallery Memberships work?

Get the Gallery allows you to sort through available artwork using simple filtering and search by size and price. Still not sure what you are looking for? You can fill out our form for a free design consultation to help get you familiar with the type of art you like! The best part about our design consultations is you receive a free month upon completion. 

Once you have identified your perfect art style, you have three monthly options to choose from, depending on exactly what kind of art pieces you’re looking for, how many you are looking to rent for your space, and what your budget is. This allows the flexibility that traditional art galleries and stores can’t. 

The pieces are delivered ready-to-hang, and you get to decide when it’s time to swap it out for another piece. If you end up falling in love with a piece and just have to keep it, you can buy it for its retail market price and a portion of your subscription fee will be applied to the cost. It couldn’t be more simple than that! 

Request a free design consultation to get to know your art style and receive a free month to try it out!