Art subscription services make it possible to switch up your home art as frequently as once a month, so you’ll never have to look at the same decor for too long!

Are you tired of your existing art and home decor? We all get the urge to change up our surroundings from time to time; it is healthy and helps us adapt to the constant changes around us. We are always looking for new ways to express ourselves as we grow and our interests evolve. Art subscription services make it possible to switch up your home art as frequently as once a month, so you’ll never have to look at the same decor for too long!

Freshen Up

Every once in a while, we need to freshen up our living space. Even though change can be intimidating, we all thrive on it. Stagnancy around us can make us feel stagnant in our own lives. 

Often times we get so used to our own home decor that we don’t even notice it anymore! Home decor is there for a reason- it is supposed to make us feel good, comforted, happy, and make our space feel unique to us. Home decor is something that should always stand out to you in your space!

What better way to freshen up your space than to add some fresh new color to your surroundings? Surrounded by too many neutral earth tones for so long? Pick out some vibrant, colorful new artwork! Feel overwhelmed with too many contrasting colors around you constantly? Soften up your space with something more neutral and calming, such as some mellow greens, grays, and browns. These visual changes around us can spark important inner change!

Change With the Seasons

Remember that snowy-winter-night painting you got for Christmas and decided to hang in your living room? Well, it is now sunny springtime and that painting has got to go! Spring and summer call for vibrant colors- maybe something bright and floral to pop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color!

During the fall and winter, you want to feel warm and cozy in your space. Wintery colors such as whites, browns, and reds can really help warm up your space. Accent colors such as mellow blues, greens, grays will also reflect your cozy winter mood. You can experiment with different styles and themes of artwork, based on the mood you are trying to evoke within your space.

Express Inner-Change

In life, we are ever-evolving. Styles we like, interests, and the decor we like to look at will frequently change. We always want our home decor to reflect those evolving interests. Art is a great way to express yourself, whether you are the artist or the consumer! 

Hanging artwork in our home helps us feel more connected to ourselves, our environment and to the world outside of our little indoor space. Channel your inner emotions, struggles, accomplishments, and interests into the artwork you choose for your space to best express yourself. 

Redecorating your living space is the perfect way to reinvent yourself and can really inspire creativity and productivity. Altering your surroundings can motivate you to look at things from a new perspective, encouraging important change. Find peace within your space with mellow, zen styles and colors, or add some vibrancy if you are craving that kick of energy!

Experiment and Learn

Adding new artwork to your space gives you an opportunity to experiment with different colors and styles, and gain experience selecting artwork. For the inexperienced consumer, picking out artwork can be intimidating when faced with so many different choices. 

Fortunately, art subscription services make experimenting with art super easy and convenient because if you don’t like what you pick out, you can just swap it out for something else until you learn what styles of art you are interested in and what to look for when selecting artwork.

Want to freshen up your space with some new artwork but having trouble selecting art that best represents you? Visit our website to find your perfect art style today!